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Rich Beatz Muzik®

Need beats for your next release?

Need music for your next production?

Need to record your next project?

Need mixing and/or mastering?

Need publishing?

Rich Beatz Muzik has you covered. 

We offer competitive rates and high quality results.

Beats are available with two purchase options: 

You DO NOT own the beat. We can continue selling it to anybody else who wants to buy it. You can use the track on a mixtape and are allowed to sell a given number of copies based on the selected lease option. You must credit Rich Beatz Muzik on all released material. 

Exclusive Licenses: 
You own the beat. We cannot remix the beat or sell the beat to anyone else. You will be provided with the complete tracked out version of the beat. You can sell unlimited copies of your release. You must credit Rich Beatz Muzik on all released material.

**For Exclusives, trackouts, custom beats, bulk deals, and all other inquiries, please visit the contact page and complete an email form.**